Married At First Sight Season 15, Episode 16- Our Very Own Decision Day Dish with Siblings Take On

Your Chisme Queens are back and with a very special episode! Decision Day is next week, and we were invited to dish about our Season 15 cast with our friends, Jenn and Jarred, at Siblings Take On. Before we make our own predictions, we get to know each other, give a little chisme, and share our cast superlatives, which are probably more realistic than Alexis and Krysten’s.

Married At First Sight: Season 15, Episode 14- No Hugs For You

It’s Prom!!! I can’t imagine a more beautiful thing! (IYKYK).  Our four pairs embark on the Couples Retreat for some R & R. The weekend is an emotional roller coaster, to say the least, as they all try to navigate their emotions and determine if they want to remain Married St First Sight.

Married At First Sight: Season 15, Episode 13- Ugly Truth

Decision Day is around the corner, but for one couple, their Decision Day is today! The experts, including a guest relationship advisor, visit with all the couples to help them navigate their insecurities and lingering questions. Some couples even visit with friends and family of their spouse to get more answers, and one of these outings leads to an explosive and uncomfortable group scene. The Chisme Queens had a lot of opinions on this one! 

Married At First Sight: Season 15, Episode 12- Baby Steps

We’re bringing sexy back! This week Dr. Pia returns to talk the couples through some of their issues, as well as build on trust and intimacy. The couples spice things up with adventurous, new activities and one even gets a special bundle of joy! But things don’t go well for everyone in the end.

Married At First Sight: Season 15, Episode 11- Back To Our Futures

The couples have a visit from Dr. Pepper to go deeper with each other and see what each other needs to say “yes,” on Decision Day.  They all have a homework exercise where they write a letter to themselves as a child and read it to their partner.  Each couple also takes the other down memory lane as they show each other how they grew up.  Most of the couples get closer, but one finds themselves in a hole they can’t get out of.

Married At First Sight: Season 15, Episode 9- Are You Going to Gaslight Me?

Gaslighting in Gaslamp? As the couples move into Week 3, they try to connect and strengthen their bonds with the help of activities from The Experts. They (and we) even meet a newcomer, Dr. Pia Holec, in person. The couples also plan dates for each other, but it’s not all fun and games. For some, tension rises very quickly.

Married At First Sight: Season 15, Episode 8- Party Ways

Do you want to know how to throw the most awkward housewarming party ever? You’ve come to the right place. This week the couples invited friends and family over to check out their new digs; the themed night was a hit with some and a big miss by others. Unexpected couples get closer, while couples we thought were doing well are hitting a pretty bumpy patch in their marriage.

Married At First Sight: Season 15, Episode 7- Real Life Reckoning

The honeymoons are officially over and it’s time to get back to reality. Our five couples pack up their old lives to start anew in their neutral spaces. With the new environments come many changes… both good and bad.

Married At First Sight: Season 15, Episode 6- Saved By The Mariachis!

Secrets. The L Word. Mariachis!  This episode was messy!  As the honeymoon comes to an end, one couple already encounters their first big fight.  On the opposite side of the spectrum, another couple exchanges I love you’s. It all comes to a head with a group dinner that is a bit combative.  The Chisme Queens dig into all.

Married At First Sight: Season 15, Episode 5- Everything Whale Be Okay

But whale it be okay??? The honeymoons prove to be quite a wild ride with the couples going to extremes on both ends of the spectrum. Some are fully invested and other aren’t sure of what they’ve gotten themselves into.

Married At First Sight: Season 15, Episode 4- Sand, Sun, and Spouses

The newlyweds share some pillow talk, cuddles, and kisses on their wedding night, only to wake up and get hit with all the hard questions from their friends and family. Thankfully, everyone survives, and the couples meet and head off to sunny Mexico for their honeymoon. Oh, and there’s one more wedding. The Chisme Queens cover it all and then some!

Married At First Sight: Season 15, Episode 3- Ain’t No Wedding Like A West Coast Wedding

Yes… we’re on week 3 of weddings and haven’t finished them all. We still have one more to go, but we do see the conclusion of 4 out of our 5 couples. During these receptions, we see the good and possibly the bad. It’s all too soon to tell, but we are here for it all!

Married At First Sight: Season 15, Episode 2- Whole Wife For A Whole Life

The wedding bells are still ringing, and we see two more couples tie the knot. Then, as the remaining singles prepare for their weddings, one bride-to-be receives some devastating news. We see some true colors, good and bad, emotional family moments, and of course, wedding day meltdowns. The Chisme Queens cover it all and then some.

Married At First Sight: Season 15, Episode 1- So Ready In SoCal

Weeeeee’rrrreeeee back!!!! We are ready to cover a new season of Married At First Sight… Season 15. According to Lifetime “it’s crunch time for ten brave San Diegans, who have only two weeks to prepare before they meet their stranger spouses at the altar. For one, a family member’s disapproval could create an irreparable rift. And on the big day, an emotionally-guarded bride becomes a puddle of tears.”

We will be the ones to judge.

Married At First Sight: Season 14 Where Are They Now?

It’s over! We made it! And the couples are exactly where we thought they would be!  Believe it or not, Lindsey, Ryan, and Olivia all happen to be in Boston, just as the Season 14 gang is planning a weekend getaway.  See who stays married, who goes on an apology tour, and who genuinely thinks they are a good person.  Join the queens as they love to hate this last episode.

Married At First Sight: Season 14 Reunion Part 1 & 2

We’re back with a double header this week!  But first, we have A LOT of chisme to cover about our Married at First Sight casts old and new. Then we dive in to reflect on Season 14 and see what’s happened since decision day, as well as hear how the experts weigh in on the couple’s ultimate decisions about their future.